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Screenshot Series: How to Combine Screenshots?

We are very pleased to present you with the second part of our latest series of articles on technical issues related to taking screenshots. This time in the Screenshot Series we will show you “How to Combine Screenshots?”, tell you why to do it, and point out in an accessible way what to pay attention to.

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In the article, we will introduce you to:
what software you need to combine screenshots,
a simple and accessible method to combine multiple screenshots into a single image,
things to pay attention to while combining screenshots,
▷ possible complications,
▷ combining screenshots from the decorator’s point of view.

If you’re interested in the slightly more technical aspects of decorating and want your houses to be presented as well as possible on the screenshots, look at this article. You can find it here or in the “TECHNICAL GUIDES” section of our articles. Write any doubts in the comments below the article! We will be happy to help and advise you.

This article is one of three parts dedicated to creating screenshots. We will present you more soon! admin.

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