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Screenshot Series: Removing Character from the Screenshot

The time has come for the third, and the last article in a series of guides to taking good and quality screenshots. This time in the text “Removing Character from the Screenshot” we will focus on whether it is worth removing our character from the screenshot and how to do it.

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In the article you will read, among other things:
what are the preventive ways to ensure that your character does not appear in the screenshot,
how to remove an existing character from an image,
▷ what software you need to combine screenshots,
▷ things to pay attention to while removing our character,
possible complications.

If you’re interested in the slightly more technical aspects of decorating and want your houses to be presented as well as possible on the screenshots, look at this article. You can find it here or in the “TECHNICAL GUIDES” section of our articles. Write any doubts in the comments below the article! We will be happy to help and advise you. admin.

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