Hail to the Fansite Items! – Let’s celebrate Fansite Appreciation Day with us!

Dear decorators, it’s finally time for a contest for you! March 24 is a special date for every fansite. We want to celebrate this date with you, so we have prepared a special event with attractive prizes up for grabs!

Hail to the Fansite Items Contest 2024

Your task will be to create a beautiful decoration, this time referring to a fansite item of your choice. Create your arrangement by choosing the theme that suits you best. Are you a fan of Midnight Panther Doll? Perhaps this is the perfect time when a jungle should be created in your house! Or maybe you prefer the beautiful, delicate Crunor’s Heart and want to create a frosty garden around it, captivating with the richness of ice flora? The choice you have is enormous. We invite everyone to participate in our contest!

You will find more details including rules and a list of prizes at the link: admin.

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