The Calendar is the place where you will find our thematic suggestions suitable for the time of the year. If you are interested in a particular theme – season or occasion, you don’t have to search for things related to it on all sections of our fansite. Here you will find it in one place.


We start each year with a winter month. That’s why we’ve prepared for you content full of snow, frozen flora, and unique ideas to turn blocks of ice into marvelous decorations.


Although February does not spoil us with the weather, and the temperatures outside the windows are sometimes very cold, our hearts are warmed by a lot of love – after all, it is the month of lovers! February 14 is Valentine’s Day, so we dedicate this month’s theme to this occasion. We wish you lots of love!


The long-awaited spring has arrived! Let’s welcome it with beautiful green decorations, full of fresh colors and flowers. And with us, as always, you will find inspiration.


June is a special time in Tibia. Lands are invaded by many Dryads, defending Mother Earth from intruders. Some of them will help us grow flowers so our houses can flourish. We have plenty of inspiration for you on how to make the most of the flower month and make our houses bloom with lots of fresh colors!


Summer is in full swing, and we can highlight this holiday vibe full of sunshine, hot temperatures, and joy with beautiful house decorations. What do you associate this time with? An unforgettable vacation on a tropical island? Fruity drinks? Optimistic yellows combined with the clear, blue water?


The hot temperatures are slowly calming down, and the greenery will turn into a rich palette of colors starting with beautiful greenish and orange yellows, through reds and browns. With September comes autumn. Perhaps this is the best time for cozy woodland decorations?


Booo! It’s time to celebrate Halloween! Let’s celebrate this super fun, joyful, and full of sweets, scary accessories, and decorations time. Dress up as the scariest creatures known from Tibia, collect as many candies as possible, and prepare a truly spooky decoration in your house! Do you prefer dark and gloomy themes or Halloween parties?


Although winter is outside the windows, in our houses the frosty atmosphere is warmed by a lit fireplace. Cozy rooms are filled with Christmas decorations, the scent of oranges and cloves is in the air, and many gifts are waiting under the Christmas tree. Maybe this time Santa Claus will give us the BunnySlippers of our dreams.

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