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    Create your own library with our stacks!

    Are you tired of boring combinations of objects and items straight from the Tibia Store? Do you want your decorations to stand out in appearance, originality, and unusual solutions? If so, you must visit our newest section “STACKS”, where you will find a series of different combinations of items, so-called “stacks”, which together create a great-looking composition. Unlike the DIY section, you won’t find ready-made elements that make up a particular thing, like carpets or columns. Here, the role of the matched elements is an attractive appearance that fits into the chosen theme. We’re starting with the libraries! In the latest publication, you will find stacks of books, as well…

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    New Halloween Carpets in the DIY section!

    Halloween is a special time when we can let our imaginations run wild and create something extra spooky! Demonic arrangements, gloomy gardens, bloodthirsty vampires, and piles of bones are something that will fit the mood perfectly. And if you want to highlight your scary ideas in a unique way, take a look at our latest Halloween carpets suggestions! We have prepared for you 20 new proposals that can create an original addition to any Halloween decoration! Among other things, we took inspiration from movies (“Maleficent”, “Hansel and Gretel” and “Harry Potter”) and plenty of monsters and objects known from Tibia. If you’re curious to see what all the suggestions look…

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    New carpets in the Autumn DIY section!

    Autumn has come, the temperatures outside the windows have dropped and the leaves have turned yellow, orange, and red. We wanted to bring this magic atmosphere back in the form of in-game decorations! Do you remember last year’s autumn carpet designs in beautiful shades of brown, orange and dark pink? If you liked those concepts, we have good news for you. The DIY autumn section has been updated with some new additions! Get to know the 5 new carpets by Lady Nathii, Makadamia, and Norelli. Autumn is first and foremost associated with the beautiful colors on the trees, but at first, the reddening and yellowing leaves fall to the ground,…

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    New Summer Carpets in the DIY section!

    Summer is in full swing, the sun is shining… and if we have the opportunity we spend time enjoying the benefits of hot weather, for example, at the seaside. Do you like to play on the beach? Do you feel like decorating in a truly tropical atmosphere? That’s great because we have prepared another set of DIY elements for you! This time you will find summer carpets with style referring to tropical plants, blue oceans, and beaches. They will fit perfectly into your holiday decorations, so don’t hesitate and check out what we have to offer you. You can find the latest summer suggestions in the DIY section.

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    Flower Bouquets in the DIY section!

    You’ve already had an opportunity to learn about these flower bouquets in our compendium about “Floral Decorations”, and you loved them as much as we did! From now on, they are also available in the DIY section in the form of convenient boxes along with a description of the items you will need to make them. If you need new ideas for decorating your Tibia house, want to add floral touches to your interiors, or just make your house look even more cozy and colorful, feel free to use them!

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