Hail to the Fansite Items! Contest 2024

Hail to the Fansite Items Contest 2024

Fansite Appreciation Day is a special date on the calendar from the perspective of every fansite and player across Tibia. Many projects created by players, for players have a chance to present themselves and describe their activities in the article published on tibia.com. Hundreds of Tibians can win fansite items by participating in a lottery. And this is just the beginning of the attractions because there are also contests waiting for players!

TibiaDecorations.com would like to join the celebration of this very special event and has organized a decoration contest for you, which main theme are fansite items!


  1. You can submit your contest entries in the following period: from the announcement of the contest on March 24 to the server safe (10:00 CET) on April 14.
  2. Add your character’s nickname and server in your submission. Also, add information about what fansite item your decoration refers to.
  3. The submission should include 2 versions of the decoration: with the light effects, and without light effects.
  4. One participant can send any number of decorations, but each must be posted in separately.
  5. One participant can win only one prize.
  6. TibiaDecorations.com team members are not allowed to participate in the contest.
  7. Please post your submissions in the TibiaFanart | TibiaDecorations Discord server, on the channel #hail-to-the-fansite-items.
    Not a member yet? Join us! https://discord.gg/jADpMNJsnF
  8. If you have any doubts, check out the #faq channel, where you will find the most frequently asked questions with answers.
  9. Please post any questions about the contest on the #questions channel below the contest channel.
  10. The TibiaDecorations.com admin (Norelli/Makadamia) will post a reaction below each submission to let you know whether your submission is valid ❤️️ or invalid 💔.
  11. Participation in the “Hail to the Fansite Items! Contest 2024” implies permission for TibiaDecorations.com to use the attached decorations.
  1. Your task is to create a house decoration that matches your favorite fansite item.
    Example: the Midnight Panther Doll can be associated with a jungle, while Aylie will look perfectly in a girly house full of accents related to Feyrist. Try to imagine what kind of arrangement your chosen fansite item would fit best into.
  2. The decoration should be prepared exclusively for this contest.
  3. The decoration should be done in a traditional style. Shapes or characters arranged from items will not be considered.
  4. The decoration can be made in the house, or guildhall. Decorations of open spaces somewhere on the Tibia map will not be accepted.
  5. The fansite item you choose, with which your decoration will be associated, can represent active or inactive fansites.
  6. Using a fansite item in the contest is allowed, but not required. However, if you choose to do so – you can use a maximum of one to which the decoration is dedicated.
  7. Using items from the Tibia Store is allowed.
  8. Decorations created on OTS or with the help of graphics software will be disqualified.
  9. Edits of screenshots will be accepted for expanding the area of the game window and removing your character. Any kind of additional graphics decoration, framing, or editing of the content of the screenshot is not allowed.
  10. Violation of the rules will result in disqualification from the contest.

PRO TIP: For a better presentation of your decoration, please read our articles dedicated to taking quality screenshots in Tibia. 


1st place:
Golden Trophy of Excellence + Yellow Rose

2nd place:
Silver Trophy of Excellence + Nightmare Doll

3rd place:
Bronze Trophy of Excellence + Stuffed Toad + Golden Rune Emblem (of choice)

4th place:
Royal Medal


The judging will take into account:

★ the relation of the fansite item to the decoration (references must be noticeable and obvious to the viewer),
★ the creativity of your decoration (e.g. self-designed DIY elements, good-looking stacks),
★ the appearance of the decoration,
★ the quality of the screenshot (please, choose .png format, and avoid using antialiasing mode – choose a smooth retro one).

The team of the TibiaDecorations fansite will choose TOP 10 from among the submitted entries.
The admins of the fansites will determine the TOP 6 decorations through internal voting on the fansite board.
The deciding vote is left to Cipsoft Members and they will determine the winners (TOP 4) of the contest.

By participating in the contest you accept its rules and regulations and the process of evaluation.

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