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When our decorations are ready, we keep them in the form of screenshots, so that they please the eye even after we lose the house or change the decor to another. Wanting to show off that the decoration is of our own making, we can leave our character standing in the decorated house. However, there are times when the image of our character is unneeded, obscures details, or does not fit in with the rest. What to do in such a situation?

We can take several preventive steps to ensure that our character does not appear in the screenshot at all. It is also possible to remove our character from an existing screenshot.

If you are curious about how to do this, feel free to read on!


Should we always remove our character from a screenshot? In what situations is it a good idea to keep its image, and in what situations is it a good idea to remove it?


✴ If you want to emphasize that you are the author of a particular decoration.

✴ If your outfit matches thematically with the decor of your house.

❌ If your character appears in the screenshot multiple times as a result of combining several game window screenshots.

❌ If your decoration is full of details and your character obscures them and/or causes too much crowding.



To make our character not appear in the screenshot at all, we can use a couple of items to make us completely invisible in a particular frame of their animation or turn us into other items. These are: Stealth Ring, Miraculum, and Chameleon Rune.

Remember that for each of the following options, it is important to remove our character’s nickname from the game window. Just use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+n and our nickname along with the life and mana bars will disappear. We can reverse this situation by selecting the same shortcut again.

Stealth Ring

This ring works analogously to the Invisible spell (these options can be used interchangeably). Its effect is up to 10 minutes of invisibility state. During this time, our character changes appearance and a gentle animation of blue sparkles appears in its place.

The invisibility animation consists of as many as 23 frames, the last of which is completely invisible. This is when a screenshot can be taken. However, given that each frame lasts only 40 ms, targeting exactly 23rd frame is extremely difficult. Therefore, both the Invisibility spell and Stealth Ring are not perfect solutions.

Chameleon Rune

With this rune, we can change into various items. All we have to do is use this rune on an item, and as a result, our character will take on the same appearance.
In this way, we can hide our character by turning it into a piece of decoration.


The mechanism of changing into Miraculum is described in the example above – Chameleon Rune, but it is worth discussing it separately.

Miraculm is a well-known item to everyone. It is easy to obtain. You can loot from monsters like Stalker, Insane Siren, and Crazed Winter Vanguard. Miraculm is also easily available on the Market.

The animation of this item is old, which makes it significantly different compared to the one previously discussed – Invisibility. In this case, we have 16 frames, but they last as long as 500 ms. This makes it much easier to shoot the moment when our character completely disappears.


Our character is already in the captured screenshot, and we don’t want that. Even worse, as a result of combining several images into one to expand the depicted area, our character on the screenshot appears multiple times. What can we do then?
The simplest graphics software, such as basic MS Paint, will prove useful.

Let’s now show the process of removing a character from a screenshot using the beautiful island of Rascacoon as an example.

▷ Prepare two screenshots.

The first one from which you want to remove the character and the second one showing the same place where your character is standing in a different place. We need it to depict the area where our character originally stands without our character being visible.

▷ Figure out the place where your character is standing and the corresponding point on the second screenshot.

Determining the exact area in the second screenshot, which must be copied and then pasted onto the first one, is essential to effectively cover our character in the next steps.

screenshot 3 GIF poprawka

▷ Copy this fragment and paste it to the screenshot from which you want to remove your character.

The area of the new screenshot without the image of our character should be pasted onto the screenshot from which we want to remove it.

▷ At a sufficient zoom, move part of the screenshot to the corresponding place in the first image.

Now let’s zoom in on the area of the screenshot we are interested in so that we can see the finest details (single pixels). Our task is to move the pasted piece to the corresponding place on the first screenshot. In this way, we will cover the image of our character with the new piece.

Removing character is easiest done by having a graphics setting “none”, because of the most clear elements. However, it works analogously on “anti-aliasing” or “smooth retro”. The difference is only in more details and multicolored pixels. 🙂


Although the area we need to copy from one screenshot to another to remove our character is relatively small and is only a fraction of the entire game window, we still need to pay attention to certain aspects that can cause unnecessary complications.


If we use lighting effects, the correct removal of our character involves special care.

▷ Pay attention to the time of day in the game.

The time of day or night in the game can drastically change the appearance of your decorations or the game window in general. Therefore, if light effects were used in the original screenshot, the piece of the new screenshot must be taken at the same time of day in the game to keep the same colors of graphics. You can help yourself by looking at the time of day view in the top right of the Tibia client.

different times of day and night

▷ Take off items that make your character emit light.

If you remove a character from your screenshot that was the source of the light, the re-pasted area must be large enough to also cover the diameter of the generated light.

If you remove a character that was not a light source, make sure that the same part of the screenshot without your character in that area is not subjected to lighting effects.


Various objects and items in the game are moving. The best example of such an animated element is water or lava. Although the piece of the new image that we need to paste to the original screenshot is relatively small, such objects may appear in the background. Then special attention should be paid to ensure that the frame of animation on both screenshots is the same.


Thanks for taking the time to read this guide. We hope that now removing the image of your character from the screenshots will not be a problem at all, and you will keep your decorations in the form you want.

If you still have any doubts, or questions, let us know in the comments. We will be happy to advise you!

See you somewhere in Tibia! ❤️️


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