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    New Halloween Carpets in the DIY section!

    Halloween is a special time when we can let our imaginations run wild and create something extra spooky! Demonic arrangements, gloomy gardens, bloodthirsty vampires, and piles of bones are something that will fit the mood perfectly. And if you want to highlight your scary ideas in a unique way, take a look at our latest Halloween carpets suggestions! We have prepared for you 20 new proposals that can create an original addition to any Halloween decoration! Among other things, we took inspiration from movies (“Maleficent”, “Hansel and Gretel” and “Harry Potter”) and plenty of monsters and objects known from Tibia. If you’re curious to see what all the suggestions look…

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    Themed Galleries and Halloween!

    Themed Galleries, this is a new feature on our site, which you will find in the “GALLERIES” section in the main menu. What will you find there? Categories of decoration galleries divided thematically. Each gallery is decorated with pixel art covers reflecting the chosen theme. If you want to bypass tutorials, comprehensive guides, or any other content, and you only want quick inspiration with selected decorations, this is the best section for that! And if you feel like celebrating Halloween in the form of decorating your Tibian house, then take a look at the most interesting decorations in this style! In this way, you will satisfy your curiosity, feel the…

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