• Decorators

    Meet Patyh and see how to bring a touch of elegance to your decorations!

    We are very pleased to present to you another decorator in our “DECORATORS” section. This time meet Patyh, who creates decorations full of rare and valuable items in soft pastel colors. If you have a lot of rare items in a wide variety of colors and are looking for inspiration on how to display them attractively, creating a decoration to emphasize their considerable value, then you must meet this decorator. It is more than likely that you will love her ideas as much as we do! Her decorations are unique in their elegance, so you should get to know them all and get inspired to create your own arrangements in…

  • Decorators

    Meet Varoos Moon and enjoy his classic style!

    We are very pleased to present to you another decorator in our “DECORATORS” section. This time meet Varoos Moon, who creates most of the arrangements in the classic style. If you are looking for a decoration somewhat reminiscent of those familiar with country houses in real life, with a fireplace, cozy decor in shades of brown, using light effects of yellow and orange, emphasizing the warmth of the interior, then you will certainly delight in his ideas as much as we do! His decorations are unique in their classics, so you should get to know them all and get inspired to create your own arrangements in this style!

  • Galleries

    Valentine’s Day inspirations are now available!

    Love is in the air! This year, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we have prepared for you a gallery full of themed decorations updated with the latest players’ designs! There you will find a lot of inspiration divided into categories. Whether you prefer romantic picnics in nature, cozy decorations full of pink and red colors, or creative shapes made from items, there is something for everyone! Some of the decorations shown there feature beautiful DIY elements that you will also find on our website! Be sure to visit the Valentine’s Day section to learn how to make color-matching furniture or columns. Last year we also prepared for you “Valentine’s Day Decorations”…

  • Updates

    The “DECORATORS” section has been refreshed!

    Do you remember our old decorators’ section, where you could find as many as 18 different creative players who inspired others with their designs? This part of our site has always been very popular, so we invested a lot of time in it, and the result is well worth it! We are very pleased to present to you the revamped “DECORATORS” section! You will find the same players there, but each in completely new look. The differences do not end only with the change in the appearance of the covers of each decorator. The descriptions in their sub-pages have also been rewritten, and the decorations selected for presentation have been…

  • Updates

    TibiaDecorations.com officially launches!

    We are pleased to welcome all decorators to our new fansite dedicated to decorations! Our goal will be to provide you with knowledge and inspiration to create decorations for your houses and areas in Tibia so that your daily game becomes more beautiful and colorful! You will find with us, among other things: Although the site is a new project, its history dates back to 2022, when a post announcing the creation of the “HOUSE DECORATIONS” section was first published on TibiaFanart.com. The appearance of houses was no longer indifferent. Many items in the game took on a completely new value. The subject absorbed the creator of the site so…

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